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From My Clients 🥰

Personal insights from those I’ve had the privilege to guide on their fitness journey.


I have been training with Mae, focusing on strength and improving my posture. Mae is incredibly knowledgeable and patient, tailoring each session to meet my specific needs and goals. Thanks to her expertise, I’ve seen significant improvements in my strength and posture!


Tian le

It has been a great experience having Mae as my PT! She has been very patient in teaching me how to effectively engage my muscles and correct my form during various exercises.

This guidance has not only helped me learn new exercises more quickly, but also significantly improved my overall fitness. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is keen to start their own fitness journey!



Training with Mae is transformative. Inspired by her athletic background, I’ve discovered a stronger, more confident version of myself.



Meet Mae

Hi there! 🙋‍♀️👋

As a former national swimmer and competitive tennis player, I found myself with a deep-rooted passion for staying active and exploring various sports.

Naturally, this passion led me to pursue formal education in the field, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sports Science and Marketing. I further expanded my expertise by completing an Exercise Science program at SMU and undertaking the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer course, widely recognised as the gold standard for aspiring physical training instructors.

I’m dedicated to assisting individuals like yourself in achieving a functional and balanced lifestyle, safely.

I’m ready to support, motivate, and guide you on your journey to becoming your best self! 💪

Beyond fitness, I cherish moments shared with loved ones over good food – they’re my greatest joy.🍦🍕💕


Tailored Fitness Services

From 1-on-1 coaching and group sessions to expert swim guidance, find the right fit for your fitness journey with me.

1-1 Personalized Fitness Coaching

Sessions designed to meet your unique fitness goals; leveraging my expertise and ACE certification to provide effective and safe training routines.

Group Training

Engaging and dynamic group sessions, honed from my experience at BBounce Studio; ensuring a collaborative workout environment where everyone thrives.

1-1 Swim Coaching

Benefit from my background as a former national swimmer with tailored swim lessons and techniques; catering to both beginners and advanced swimmers aiming to refine their skills.

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